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Portable Solar Powered LED Lamp

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Are you always out and about? If you love the outdoors, then check out this Portable Solar Powered LED Lamp! There's nothing like a handy, clean and renewable source of energy to brighten up your surroundings. 

As long as the sun is up (which is ALWAYS) you will ALWAYS have power within your reach. The LED Solar Lamp is rechargeable and uses a lithium battery which has a service life that is 6-8x better than an average acid battery.


Product Details:

-Voltage: 0.8W/5V
-Lithium Barrtery Capacity: 750ma/3.7v
-Lumens: 150 lumens (equivalent to a 20W light bulb)


1 x solar lamp

1 x 0.8W/5V Solar panel

1 x 3.5 meters a connecting line

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